The Lynam Group

Larry Lynam


The Lynam Group was founded by Larry Lynam, a biotech and biopharmaceutical executive with over 25 years experience in applying both the science and commercial applications needed for success in this industry. Larry began his career in the biotechnology field after receiving his degree in microbiology from Auburn University and spent his career expanding his knowledge of the sciences and developing the skills needed to drive biotech products to commercial success.


His first hand experience includes the diagnostic and laboratory services, biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products as well as medical and clinical research products and equipment markets for both U.S. and internationally based public and privately held organizations.


Larry has held executive management roles in marketing, sales, business development as well as technical and scientific affairs roles. Larry held senior-level positions in the commercial operations of Nabi Biopharmaceuticals and Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation. He has designed, developed and implemented training departments and programs that were recognized for the improvement in communication with clients, contributing to company morale and connected in increases in corporate savings and expanded revenue earnings.


Larry’s experience has provided him an opportunity to provide his clients with a unique level of experience and perspective as his work and travel with clients has included assignments and projects in 48 of the U.S. states and 69 countries throughout the world giving him a wide range of valuable first hand experience. It is this experience that forms the foundation for The Lynam Group's wide range of services and its corporate mission. The Lynam Group clients receive the benefit of Larry’s broad network of industry relationships as well as his exclusive personal attention to their projects and needs for each step of their project.

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