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“Knowledgeable, passionate and personable. It is the rare executive that embodies these qualities. Larry is that rare executive. He has an amazing ability to rally even the most disparate teams into an energized and motivated group pulling in the same direction — even under the most stressful of transitions. In the many years I have known him, both as a client and consultant, he engenders both respect and affection from his staff, the executive team, and his customers. Larry has expertise in every aspect of the business model, from sales and marketing to operations, which allows him to see the big picture and make optimal recommendations. He is tireless and persistent ensuring that every project is expertly managed to completion, regardless of any complications that may arise. He is a valuable asset to any business.

— Lisa Breck President, Breck and Company

“Larry Lynam is the consummate professional. He understood my issues in developing clinical content for our website and developed the material I needed for the professional side of our pharmaceutical business. He was also able to develop content for our patient focused site and convey complex material in a patient-friendly way. All of his work was researched and referenced which allowed me to quickly pass the material through legal and compliance review. And all material was submitted on time. I would and will work with Larry again.

— Tony Franzoso Sr. Product Manager, Fresenius Medical Care

“Larry is the best sales and specialty product trainer I have had the opportunity to learn from. Not only do you learn from his vast experience as a scientist but you comprehend the materials on a higher level. He integrates life lessons with information from books. Larry is extremely professional and his demeanor is very calm and approachable. He is an asset to any organization looking for senior leadership. If ever you need any information related to science, Larry is the man to ask!!

— Irvin Peralta Cardiovascular Specialist,Daiichi Sankyo

“Larry was the best manager that I have ever worked for in the Biotechnology Sales arena. Larry's exceptional ability to hire, train, and motivate his team led him to "Regional Manager of the Year" and was the main reason I was chosen as "Product Specialist of the Year" under his leadership. Larry's diplomatic skills are impressive and I'm sure are one of the many reasons he has been promoted to the top level positions. I admire Larry's leadership skills and I will always value him as a mentor for my career paths.

— Kathleen Oleson Project Manager, LGO Global Sourcing, LLC

“Larry has been a client for six years while he was Sr. Director of Sales Administration at Nabi Biopharmaceuticals. We worked together to create sales training tools for the Nabi sales force. At that time, it was Larry's responsibility to train and motivate the sales representatives on all products and services provided by Nabi. We also worked together on developing unique and inspiring programs and themes for the annual National Sales Meetings. Larry is knowledgeable in the clinical areas pertaining to all products Nabi marketed at the time. He is an excellent, articulate, motivational speaker. He was also an effective manager held in respect by his staff. We worked very well together in the planning and execution of all programs. Larry always provided the information necessary to create exceptional marketing tools. He is a pleasure to work with, particularly under pressure.

— Pat Storm Principal, Storm Medical Marketing

“I have had the pleasure of working with Larry Lynam for eight years.
During this time I watched Larry achieve success in a variety or roles. As a regional manager Larry earned the trust of his team while providing clear direction and expectations to the team. His sales results proved that his leadership skills were the major reason for the success of his team. As Director and Sr. Director of the Sales Administration department that he developed, Larry assembled a team that produced results far above the expectations of the sales team that they supported. Additionally, as the head of the training, Larry’s training programs were always informative, entertaining and because of this effective. The majority of the individuals who attended Larry’s training sessions reported that they were the best they had ever attended and this included individuals from several of the big pharmaceutical companies. Based on his performance during the years that we worked together I would highly recommend Larry to anyone who is looking for an individual who will set high goals and consistently exceed those goals.

— Charlie DeLoach Vice President, Renal Pharmaceuticals, Fresenius Medical Care

“Having worked with Larry for over 8 years, I was continually amazed at the breadth of his talents and knowledge. His approach to introducing new sales professionals into our organization and educating them on disease states and products was the most effective and entertaining I have witnessed. In addition to his training responsibilities, Larry developed a first-rate sales administration team that exceeded all of our sales and marketing needs when it came to knowing about our business and competitive atmosphere. Larry's experience, knowledge and leadership proved invaluable to the entire company.

— Stephen Houlihan Director of Marketing, Fresenius Medical Care

“Larry is a professional who leverages his thorough knowledge of science to support and improve the technical knowledge of sales representatives. One of his best attributes is that he is able to take a "coach" approach and encourage you to want to learn rather than simply memorize material. Over the many years I worked with Larry he continuously sought opportunities for improvement in all areas of technical and soft skills for sales representatives. Larry is an advocate for success for all sales representatives.

— Michele Rice Sr. Hospital Representative, EKR Therapeutics

“Larry is a tremendous team player with strong industry knowledge and expertise. I worked frequently with Larry, as he provided information and assumptions which I needed for both long term business models and annual financial projections and plans. Larry always made himself available to respond to my questions and requests, which was a tremendous help as I often worked under very tight deadlines. He always provided high quality inputs and assumptions, and also helped me to broaden my own industry knowledge. Larry has great people skills, and is a pleasure to work with — always willing to share knowledge, and contribute to projects and teams.

— Jenny Ritz Senior Director, Forecasting & Planning, Nabi Biopharmaceuticals

“Larry Lynam is one of the best educators and trainers in the biotech industry.
His clinical knowledge is unsurpassed, but what makes Larry unique is his uncanny ability to take a very technical learning situation and break it down into a very simple to understand structure without sacrifice to quality of knowledge. Larry prepared the Nabi Biopharmaceuticals sales organization to be both clinically competent and clinically confident . . . both very different yet important characteristics when selling in any specialty market. He was an integral part in Nabi's success and played a very important role in developing the team into a top world-class sales organization as described and rated by IBM consulting. Larry would make a tremendous addition to any organization.

— Raymond Rutz Director of Sales, DaVita

“Larry has been a true role model for my career, with an innate ability to reach people with an appropriate balance of expertise and creative approach. Larry trained me when I joined Nabi Biopharmaceuticals as a Product Specialist. Larry effectively made the challenging content of oncology, hematology and nephrology easy to understand, effectively reaching all learning types within our training class. Larry's ability to make all content entertaining and engaging, regardless of difficulty, motivated me to join the training team from a regional field-based role. Larry helped me effectively motivate and develop others from both a classroom as well as a field role. Since leaving Nabi Biopharmaceuticals, I have found continued success in both training and management roles, much of which I credit to what I learned working with Larry. His knowledge, drive and ability to reach all types of audiences are just a few of the talents that truly differentiate Larry

— Allen Tunstall District Business Manager, Novo Nordisk

“Larry brings to the table a wealth of marketing and management experience.
He communicates fairly and effectively, making sure the job gets done. Having served at three different pharmaceuticals, I can say that his management style is the most empowering. He mentors and trains so cordially that the learning curve is painless and the transition to productivity seamless. He understands the scientific and the business side of all situations, and he has truly been a pleasure to learn from. Observing his interactions with physicians and vendors alike was inspiring.

— Nicholas Enlow Medical Science Liaison, Biotest Pharmaceuticals

“I worked with Larry for a number of years. During that time I had the opportunity to work with Larry, participating as part of his training program. Larry has a unique ability to work with people and his leadership skills are second to none. His diverse background, knowledge of business and common sense approach to solving problems made him a mentor for me as well as numerous others.

— Fred Dopman President, Inspire Marketing

“As a sales representative for Nabi, I was a student of Larry's exceptional training program in December 2000. I have worked in Pharmaceuticals since 1999 and have found Larry to be, by far, the best educator I have come across in our field. He gave me a solid foundation in immunology, oncology, infectious disease, transplantation, hematology, and hemostasis — all of which I use today. It was the strength of this base of knowledge that has allowed me to succeed as a business professional in the medical field without a strong science background. The program that Larry put together to prepare us for calling on the top academic physicians in the United States was not only educational but fun. Larry is great at developing relationships and making people feel at ease from the moment he meets them. He is exceptionally intelligent and communicates effectively with people of any level of knowledge. Also, he understands well commercialization, product positioning, and key marketing objectives that ensure he will identify the fundamental knowledge that is needed to be successful. I give him my highest recommendation and would feel privileged to work with him again.

— Holly Scott Associate Director, Talecris Therapeutics

“Larry Lynam is the definition of world class. Larry taught his training classes with insight and professionalism, that of which few can compare. I have not learned more in any training class, nor had as much fun in the process, as I did with Larry as the leader. I am sure I do not stand alone in this analysis. Larry's work as both an experienced biotechnology trainer and high level executive is the benchmark from which I often find myself comparing present and former superiors. Intelligence, a strong work ethic, integrity, honesty and loyalty are just a few attributes I would use to describe Larry Lynam. I would strongly recommend Larry Lynam for any company seeking a true professional in all aspects of the word.

— Sean Halloran Hospital Specialist, Bayer

“Larry is a true leader and mentor in every sense of the word. I have worked with Larry for over 5 years and have had the pleasure of learning from him as a leader and a mentor. He is incredibly talented and extremely driven. As a leader, Larry takes ownership with pride, patience and dedication. He truly understands that leading a team takes a greater vision and passion to be successful. He always makes himself available and inspires others around him to grow and develop all while making sure every goal gets achieved and exceeded. Larry has also been a vital mentor to me and my professional growth throughout my career. He has been and continues to be an incredible resource to me and to many other colleagues of ours. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Larry Lynam.

— Rebecca Van Doren Sales and Marketing Director - West, DaVita Inc.

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